Recreating My Favorite Pinterest Outfit


Hey guys !

I absolutely ADORE Pinterest because there is so much inspiration for literally anything. For example, photography, styling tips, quotes, jokes, and so much stuff. I’m kinda obsessed with Pinterest (who isn’t). Anytime I want to find any kind of look and/or style inspiration, for everything from outfit ideas to home decor, I head to Pinterest. And of course, this is where I came across this amazing outfit. After being on Pinterest all the time and constantly pinning outfits to my Pinterest boards but never look at them again. So I decided to go through my fashion board and recreate one of the outfits I had pinned from my Pinterest outfit.

Pinterest inspiration

When trying to find the inspiration you might keep a piece of clothing in mind while you’re looking. That way you already have part of the outfit. For me, I wanted to have a nice flowy maxi dress. It also has plenty more detail than average (it’s really light enough that one could walk around casually without too much worry).

These days I’m loving more of flowy and floral long maxi dresses so I decided to recreate this outfit. I recreated this dress from a saree that looks almost similar. And I’m so glad that the final look of the dress is the same as the Pinterest outfit. It’s such an adorable and colorful fabric, just perfect for springtime.

My Outfit Looks

style inspo
style inspo
recreating pinterest outfit
recreating outfit

These are my looks of the outfit. Let me know what you guys think about this outfit in the comment section below.

I hope this gave you all some outfit inspiration and some ideas on how to put your Pinterest boards to good use. To get more inspiration check out my pinterest boards. Thank you all for stopping by. 

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