Goal Setting & Action Plan

Hey guys,


Are you ready to achieve all you dreams and goals in 2019? Today I’m sharing some tips to start living to the fullest this year.

For me new year starts with new dreams and goals. This past year has been an interesting one for me. I started blogging, something I had told myself to do for a long time and finally took at the end of 2018.

Setting even just one goal can give you something to work towards. If this is your first time setting goals, start small, simple and slowly work your way up. Here are few tips to get started on creating your goals.

  1. Make your goals simple and realistic.
  2. Think about necessary action steps to reach your goals.
  3. Plan and prioritize your actions.
  4. Make sure you check-in with yourself regularly.
  5. Stay focused

I also made some helpful printable worksheets,

Yearly planner

Firstly, breakdown your goals into 3-month goals.

3-month goals &action plan

Think about the necessary action steps to achieve the goal.

Daily planner

Focus on day by day activities that you need to do.

I am interested to know if this has helped you in anyway and how do you set your goals. Cant’t wait to connect with you down below.

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