10 Affordable Valentine Gift Ideas

Hey guys !

February is here ! Welcome to a month filled with love, peace and joy. Make this valentine the most memorable one for you and your partner or family by gifting them some wonderful gifts that signify your love for them. The valentine need not be your partner it can be your friends, family, even your pet. So here are my top affordable valentine gift ideas.

1.Handmade Greeting cards

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Greeting cards never fail to express your feelings and emotions, especially the gifts which made by you make their happiness double.

2. Chocolates and Flowers

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Flowers are the best when it comes to expressing love, also you can add chocolates to it. who doesn’t love chocolates.

3. Accessories

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Accessories like watches, rings, necklace can be an amazing gift idea. It is the great way to show off your love to them with the shape of love.

4. Perfumes


A perfume is something which is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory to gift for your partner.

5. Books

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Books are the best gift options for the person, who loves reading. Surprise them with a book which they want to read from a long time.

6. Basket full of organic

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It is the best gift option if you are giving it to your friends or family. Gift a basket full of organic fruits and snacks. It shows your concern and love towards them.

7. Scrapbook

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This is one of my favorite gift out of all. Make a scrapbook filled with your favorite memories / pictures and write a little messages in between them, it makes them feel more special.

8. Surprise with a trip

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Book tickets to their favorite destination and surprise them with a trip and make the day all about them.

9. Self care Basket

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Make a gift basket for your loved one’s this valentine’s day ! Turn their busy life into most relaxation and peaceful day with this self-care basket. Get creative! Fill it with bath & body kit, their favorite drink, candy whatever you’d like.

10. Date Night

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Take her/him out for the day to their favorite restaurant, also order their favorite food and make them feel special.

I would love to hear some of your best valentine’s gifts / memories! Feel free to add your comment . Sending you all lots of love this valentine’s day !



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