Mini pocket greeting card

Mini Pocket Greeting Card

Hey guys,

For all the people who are looking for making a beautiful personalized greeting card for your loved one’s then you are at the right place.


Greeting cards are the expression of love, friendship or gratitude. That is the reason why I love making greeting cards by myself. It is very simple, creative and more importantly very personalized.

Here are the simple six steps to follow, for making a beautiful greeting card :

How to create mini greeting card

Your card is nearly complete now, but you will see the back (where i’m holding it) is open, so you need to fix it by using stitch-binding or sticking it.

DIY Mini pocket greeting card


Here I’ve used simple white card and after finishing card making, I attached different black colored-pattern paper on different sides. You can also use single colored card as well.

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On the very first page I designed it with key shaped red color paper. When you flip through the next page I made a small camera with card and kept it in the pocket symbolizing you favorite photos (photos can be kept in the pocket) . If you observe, it also have bookmarking inside the sides of the pages, where you can keep mini letters (or) photos [extra add-on]. And on the last page I made a cute little pocket letter.

This mini greeting card can be completely personalized by you, filled with you feelings and emotions, which is perfect to gift to your loved one’s.

Hope you like it. Also you can check how to make embroidery greeting cards here.


Until next time…


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