Arts and Crafts to do at home | My Childhood craft | #1

Hey guys,

Today I’m sharing with you all one of my handcrafts. As you all know that drawing is my all time favorite hobby. It gives me great joy. I started drawing from very long back. And not only drawing I also love to do handcrafts and greeting cards. So, today I’m sharing my first handcraft, made by me when i was 11 years old, I know its very long back but I still have it .


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This beautiful peacock was done by me. This was given as a class project for us when I’m studying fifth standard ‘to draw a peacock creatively on a cardboard‘. So then i decided to draw a peacock with the help of thread. So that was my first idea.

Then I thought of what type of thread to be used and how to draw? then here comes the woolen thread for rescue, because I thought it’s thicker and more visible than other and , the picture of peacock was given by my friend, so with the help of that picture I able to draw.

After finishing that, when it comes to feathers and over all look I’m not satisfied. And then again with the help of my mom and friends we came up with another idea, that is ‘Embroidery kundans’ . It added life to my art.


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And finally i loved it, not just me my whole class along with my class teacher appreciated me. And I still love it today, even its not that perfect though.


You need:

Card board, velvet paper, wool, embroidery kundans.

Stick the velvet paper on to the cardboard as a background. Draw the diagram of your wish with a pencil on it. Then stick the woolen carefully onto the outline of the diagram. And use this colorful embroidery kundans for decorating your diagram.

And that’s it you successfully finished your handcraft. To secure this beautiful diagram for a longer duration, cover it with transparent cover and pin it on four corners. So simple right? then please do try it I promise, you will love it.


I hope you enjoyed it and give it a try. And also share your first art experience with us in the comment section below.

until next time




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