How to Love Yourself: A Self-Love Guide

Today we’re going to talk about self-love and why it’s so important, how you can love yourself better. First of all, it’s so important to love yourself because you have to love yourself first before you can love your life. Also, you have to give to yourself before you can even give back to others.

Designing a beautiful life begins with self-love. Self-love breeds self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect, self-forgiveness. Do not underestimate its power.

LOVE YOURSELF: to love yourself you actually have to love yourself, everything that makes you up. Your physical appearance, your attitude, and character. Love every bit of yourself.

By learning to love yourself you will be able to love others better, and others will be able to love you better. You will have a better understanding of who you are and what makes you happy. You will know what you need and want in a relationship, and how to provide that for yourself. So make sure you learn to love yourself right and improve all your relationships at the same time.

Basically, learning to love yourself takes time, effort, and energy because you’re actually building a relationship and this is the most important relationship you’ll ever have in your life: your relationship with yourself.

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Having self-awarness and knowing yourself.

Being proud of what you are and not caring about what others think.

Taking good care of yourself.

Knowing that you are capable of so much.

Taking responsibility for yourself and making most of it.

a guide to love yourself - selflove


Write down the things you love about yourself

First of all list out all your strengths and your personality quirks, all the things that you genuinely love, and enjoy about yourself.

And I know this might be tough for some people because they never thought of it that way, but a little tip is: if you really don’t know what to write, you can ask your closest friends or family what they love about you because it might surprise you what good traits they love about you. And just find the things that you really like about yourself.

You don’t have to fill in everything at once. You can keep adding things during your self-love journey.

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Have a positive self-talk

Take a moment to write down all the negative thoughts that pop up in your head, these thoughts come from your inner critic. Next, you will write down another way to look at these negative thoughts, this is your healthy adult. For example: ‘I will never be good at that’ – that’s something my inner critic will say, but my healthy adult will say ‘I will try my best’. Don’t think too much, just stop thinking about it and stop talking badly about yourself and start having a positive self-talk.

Action plan

Write down the practical things that you can do to yourself that makes you happier. And also list the things that you can do when you feel negative.

Daily self-love checklist

Take a moment each day to do something for you, it can be as small as making yourself some tea and mindfully drinking it. Every time you take care of yourself, you are reminding yourself that you’re worth it.

Self-love affirmations

Positive affirmations are statements that can help you challenge negative thoughts and help you live a positive life. If you repeat affirmations often enough, you’re more likely to start believing them, so it’s important to repeat them daily. One way to do this is by having a list of daily affirmations that you’ll repeat in the morning or before bed.

‘I love and accept myself.’

‘I am beautiful inside and out.’

‘There is power within me.’

‘I allow myself to be unique.’

‘I deserve to take up space.’

‘Peace begins in me.’

‘I can handle anything life throws at me.’

‘I appreciate everything I have.’

Last Tip:

My last tip is to keep a gratitude or self-love journal. Keep a journal where you write down the things you’re grateful for every day. Write down the things you love about yourself and your life every day. And you’ll find that because you have to do it every day, you’ll come up with new ideas, new things to be grateful for, new things to really love about yourself and your life.

Keeping this kind of journal every day pushes you to be more creative and open your mind to be like, “Okay, what else am I grateful for? What else do I love about myself and my life?” It challenges you in a good way to make you appreciate even the little things. I’m grateful that I have an arm and a hand. Things like that that you take for granted every day, learn to love all of those things.

The more that you find in your life to be grateful for, the more fulfilling your life will feel. And it’s just a really nice way to keep track of everything that’s amazing in your life. The more you focus on the positive and the good, the happier you’ll feel. There’s no way that you could keep a self-love and gratitude journal every day, and not feel good about your life. I don’t think it’s possible.

I’ve created a free Best Self Workbook to help you get started on loving yourself more. Grab it now by clicking on the image below!

selflove how to love yourself

There are definitely so many more creative ways that you can learn to love yourself better so if you have any self-love tips of your own, feel free to post them in the comments below so all of us can explore and try to see what works for us.

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1 thought on “How to Love Yourself: A Self-Love Guide”

  1. I found out that I am grateful for having a family that loves me & someone to accept me as I am, looking to become just like me & want to be with me forever. I found out during the coronavirus we have that using certain herbs or spices help to keep us healthy; using garlic, ginger, turmeric or curcumin to keep inflammation at bay as I get older & teach others around me about how they can be healthy too. Thanks for following as I have enjoyed your post here!


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