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Learn How to Draw a Mandala Art using A Digital App

What is Mandala Art?

The word mandala comes from the Sanskrit language. Literally it means “circle” and can mean anything that is round or circular. In the modern era, it is often the circular repetition of shapes within the design that defines it as a mandala.

The main form of a drawn mandala is a circle from which various elements can be added to create a complex symbol that can consist of as many parts and shapes as you want. Mandalas can also be filled with other shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, and even circles of different sizes.

Mandalas are also, interestingly, one of the first recognizable shapes that toddlers draw before they move on from scribbling to more realistic drawings.

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You can always try to put different patterns together to form a mandala. But the repetitive nature of many mandalas allows you to create beautiful symmetrical patterns. Of course, it depends on practice, so focus on making sure the colors are symmetrical when that is actually your goal.

mandala digital art

Studies have shown that geometric circles, known as mandalas, can be particularly beneficial for other types of drawing. And that you can take advantage of them by hanging colorful circles or mandalas in your home, office, or any other work area. The most interesting examples of this type of art that have emerged in recent years in the arts and sciences as well as in other areas of life.

See how much fun you can have in this simple activity, and see how people with different colors and patterns pay for the same design.

I hope you will find many spaces to create your own flow of mandalas as you step into your mindful creative space.

Now let’s see how to draw mandala on a digital platform:

How To Draw A Mandala On Auto-desk Sketchbook Pro

It is time to get comfortable, download a free app, relax with a classic mandala, and enjoy the design and decoration of beautiful mandalas. With multiple apps in this list, there’s no need to draw every single stroke, and they don’t require incredible precision of strokes, you don’t have to be an artist to make the most of these apps.

Mandala Maker brings creativity and relaxation to everyone when drawing mandalas, so don’t hesitate to try your artistic side and draw with this app. Remember that drawing mandalas on this app can be very helpful if you want to create personalized cards, gifts, and lots of details.

I’ve created this little video tutorial to show you the basic principles of creating a Mandala in Auto-desk Sketchbook.

The app I’m using here is the Auto-desk sketchbook.

Creating Mandalas

First, begin by selecting the Radial Symmetry tool in a new document. We will create 13 sectors. (More sectors will result in a more detailed pattern.)

One of the most important parts of creating a mandala is the formation of a pattern. And here comes the challenge of creating the pattern and adding tiny, intricate details to add depth to the mandalas. To form a perfect pattern, you need to divide the areas evenly to give them symmetry.

Once you have selected the number of sections you want the grid to be divided into, you have the option to change your center point.  This allows you to create designs with unique perspectives.  Play around with this, and then if you want to reset the center of your grid back to the center of your canvas, just double-tap the icon.

I would recommend that once you have your grid placed the way you like, use the lock button in the options bar.  This will ensure that as you draw you won’t move the grid by mistake.

Start drawing on one side of the triangle (divided by the symmetry tool). You can use Line tools, Arc, Paint Brush, Pencil, or any tool you want to use to create your own pattern. Make sure to draw any lines and patterns inside the triangle, that resembles other triangles in the grid and form a perfect pattern that you want.

Happy Drawing!!!

Now you can use your imagination to draw shapes, repeat patterns, and circular patterns.

No matter what the artist’s age or experience is, this app is all about creating beautiful mandalas with different tools and colors. The best color for your mandala is a personal choice, as long as you choose your technique and number of brush colors, it is a great thing to have a wide selection of stickers, shapes, and brushes to create the doodles and mandalas you want.

This app has many options for different brush types and different color options. If you like, you can draw with your fingertip or draw on the same layer with a pen or brush like the Apple Pen. Of course, the result with an Apple Pencil can be much easier, but it will match the style you wanted to achieve.

Mandala art

Finally, look at the mandala as a whole and see if you want to add anything. If you are learning to draw mandalas, read the whole thing for a deeper tutorial.

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With all these possibilities we hope that you will find the best solution for your artistic demands. Finally, it can be a healthy hobby to take some time for the design of beautiful mandala artworks.

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