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10 Practical Tips to Manage Your Everyday Life

The world is full of things to learn, adventures to explore, and people to meet. But how can we find time for all that when we are already so busy? So here the tips designed to manage your everyday life: be prepared, decrease stress, increase productivity.


A great way to organize a day is to create your schedule today and include the same things you’re doing every day as it’s happening, including all of your personal activities that make up the bulk or majority on those days.

Even though most (or all) of these ideas are quite simple, some may be difficult to incorporate. Because, well let’s face it, we’re human. It’s difficult at times to develop good habits, especially when it’s so easy to be lazy.

practical tips to manage your everyday life

Let’s do this, follow these little steps to yield amazingly positive results.

Plan your outfit night before

Did you ever pick out your clothes the night before college/work? It works wonders for keeping a consistent routine that’s simple and easy.

All you required is a little planning ahead. You only need to spend 10 minutes, in your bedtime routine, pulling together what you will pull on in the morning. Pile all the items together that you will need to put on. In the morning you simply throw everything on and go, without any extra effort.

‌Limit your screen time

Put a constraint in your life that you don’t have any screens open during certain times of the day. For example, no screens after 8 pm, including TV, computer, and phone. Not only it distracts us from getting our to-do lists done, but it’s also damaging to our eyes.

You can feel pretty bad after so much social media, so limiting screen time is a great way to be present instead of escaping through someone else’s life.

There are so many apps available today in the market that’ll help you reduce your daily screen time.

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‌Complete the important task first thing in the morning

Make a list of tasks you need to do in the day, first thing in the morning. Unimportant tasks can consume much of your precious time, and we tend to offer these too much of our energy because they’re easier or less stressful.

However, prioritizing your important tasks is critical to your productivity. Once you recognize where to put your energy you will start to get things done in an order that works for you and your schedule.

In short, finish your important tasks first thing in the morning to keep yourself focused.

‌Clear your inbox / unsubscribe

Whether personal or professional. Trash unnecessary mail, unsubscribe the mails that you don’t want to hear anymore, flag and organize important items, and reply to those waiting to hear from you.

Spend a few minutes daily doing this to keep your email in check.

‌Pay your bills before the deadline

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed because of money, it’s time to simplify your financial life.

Paying your bills on time is important to take control of your financial life. Knowing when your bills are due and making a habit of paying them by the deadline can reduce your stress, boost your credit score, save you money, and enable you to get lower-interest credit in the future.

Here are a few ways to get your money right:

Fix your money mindset, start using a minimalist budget, get out of debt, earn more money, start a side hustle, invest in the stock market.

‌Clean something every day

Decluttering is one of the best ways to simplify your life. When you’re organized and living with fewer things, you feel better, too.

Start cleaning something every day. It could be anything. Wipe down your coffee table or window sills. Move dirty clothes from the bathroom floor into the hamper. Clean your workspace. Arrange all the books together.

It’ll freshen up your space and super easy to succeed.

‌Use dead time for learning

Create a routine where you listen to podcasts or audiobooks during your deadtime, like driving or getting ready for the day in the morning.

This is a great way to free up other times for other things – instead of reading a book, you can listen to an audiobook while you are driving.

‌Set one goal at a time

Instead of setting 3-8 goals at a time, try just setting ONE big goal. Focusing on one goal leads to crazy good results and is very motivating.

Next time if you want something, immerse yourself in it. Don’t dabble in a bunch of areas. Get committed.

You can also read my goal setting and action plan if you want to start setting goals.

‌Use productive tools

We all want to know how to get things done more quickly, with less effort and lead more productive, fulfilling lives. It makes sense to take help from the productivity tools available in the market.

There are myriad of productivity apps for getting work done, organizing your personal life, collaborating with others, and much more.

Making use of these apps will make you more effective.

I have written a post on productive apps I use, if you are interested then please go and check it out.

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‌Plan Your Meals

Instead of prepping your meal, plan your meal. Meal planning is just like meal prepping. In both cases, you need to eat a certain amount of calories, protein, and other pre-established nutrients.

Eating the same meal every day can lose its lackluster and bring cravings also. But meal planning can offer you the same success in being mindful of your health goals. The only thing you don’t get is advanced preparation.

Plan everything out when you go grocery shopping as a routine and cook your meals fresh daily. And if you’re health-conscious and looking to eat smarter in order to feel and look better, remember how you eat is equally as important as how you exercise.

What good habits make your life easier? Is there something you have to push yourself to do, even though you know it’ll help you in the end?

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