Easy Doodle Art – How to Draw

Hey guys,

Art Series: #weeklyartchallenge

I thought to take up a weekly art challenge, #weeklyartchallenge is basically I draw for a week on a particular art basis. You can also recommend your favourite arts in the comments.

Success! You're on the list.

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Starting with the first week I thought to draw cute doodles.

About Doodle art

Doodle art is typically joint with moderate drawings scribbled onto the margins of notebooks spell chasing a daydream. For Norse creator Mattias Adolfsson, however, doodling is the key to creating strange sketchbooks, brimful with observations of the ordinary, extraordinary, and everything in between.

Doodle art is a fun way to draw cute and child-like characters. Most of us have had an experience of doodling as a child. It is a very comfortable and fun way of drawing. These are the easiest form of drawings you just need a pencil and paper. The popular kinds of doodles are cartoon versions and comic characters. Doodle art is fun to draw.

Also If you are interested then check My childhood handcraft with a detailed description of how to make it.

And here are the first week of doodles…


You can even buy prints and doodle books from Etsy, Amazon, and many other online and offline stores and color them even they are fun too. But in this challenge, I recommend drawing on paper. You can even share your drawings with us on my social media pages, I would love to see.

I hope you have enjoyed this art challenge. Let me know in the comments section what type of art you want to see in the next week’s art challenge.

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If you are also interested then, take a pen and start doodling with me! Happy drawing!

Until next time…


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