LINE Art – Single line drawings

It’s the second week of #weeklyartchallenge. Hope you have seen my first week of art. This week I drew a line art.

Art History: What is Line Art?

Line art is a simple and minimalistic form of art. It consists of distinct straight or curved lines without any shadings. Line art is drawn using one continuous line. You can use lines of different colors, although the line drawing is usually monochromatic. It’s often thought that an artist’s caress is the unpolluted way to perceive their abilities. As a choice winds across a paper or canvas, this constant band includes emit powerful emotions.

Thus, it’s no surprise that line art, or line drawing, is one of the most basic and simple elements of visual art. In fact, as one of the seven visible nature of art—along with form, shape, color, value, texture, and space—the line is a hallmark of the arts. But what is the choice of art? First, it’s essential to the dollar that a line doesn’t simply move from point A to point B. At its core, line drawing consists of different lines against a primarily solid background.

In art, a line can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional, abstract, descriptive, or implied. choice art is often dark and white, but not always. part like blackening and color gradients are absent, allowing the focus to rest firmly on the lines themselves. Artists from the period would continue to use implied lines to create harmonious compositions in sculpture, painting, and drawing.

First Week art challenge: Doodle art.

And here are the week of line drawings …

You can check out more art inspiration from my Pinterest artboard.

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I hope you have enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments section what type of art you want to see in the next week’s art challenge.

If you are also interested then, take a pen and paper and start an art challenge with me!

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